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Trump declares to ‘close government’ to build Mexico wall

Mexico Wall
Donald Trump addressing U.S. Nation

Tuesday, Donald Trump in his Arizona speech declared that he is willing to ‘close government’ to build Mexico wall. Trump further asserted to his supporters at ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in Arizona that Democrats are acting as ‘obstructionists’ against America’s security.

Trump, in the meanwhile, defended his response to Charlottesville violence done by white supremacists. The president blamed the media for providing rightists ‘a platform’ to change public minds. He repeated his response to Charlottesville incident that left one woman dead but in his statement he rephrased and reconstructed the words that omitted the claim of ‘many sides’ to be blamed for violence.

Trump’s opinion on building Mexico wall

President Trump says, ’We are building a wall on southern border which is absolutely necessary.’

The president wants the Congress to fund his controversial yet a security-based plan to construct a ‘big, beautiful’ wall along US-Mexico border to secure US from illegal immigrants.

Moreover, Trump mentions that Republicans are in need of support from Democrats to permit financing for the Mexico wall in government budget bill. However, Democrats aren’t favoring the cause.

Trump said in his Arizona address that Democrats ‘stand in the way of border security.’ He warned Democrats by saying that, ‘you are putting at risk all of America’s security.’

To back up his claim, he said that immigration officers hired in the area favor the building of Mexico wall as it is vital to stop the across-border flow of illegal immigrants.

Trump threatened Democrats to ‘close government’

Trump clearly warned Democrats of government shutdown in case the Congress refuses to pass legislation of financing the federal government. He provided Congress with a deadline of 1st October to pass the bill or witness government shutdown.

The president mentioned that the Americans ‘voted for immigration control.’ He declared that:

“Now the obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it, but believe me if we have to close down our government, we are building that wall.”

Protest against Trump
Protest against Trump

Public Response to Trump decision to build Mexico Wall

Inside the conference centre, Mr. Trump was greatly supported with loud cheers of ‘build the wall’. But, non-supporters of Trump protested outside the center and clashed with the police.

Anti-Trump groups attacked the police by throwing bottles and rocks on them. Police responded by using pepper spray to curb the anti-Trump energies.

James Clapper, who is former National Intelligence director, showed his reaction in a talk with CNN by asking whether President Trump is even ‘fit for the office’. He added that I am still wondering about Trump’s motivation behind building the Mexico wall. Furthermore, he said that the rally appears to be ‘downright scary and disturbing’ to me.

Mr. Gallego, who is a Democratic Party Congressman in Arizona, called the Trump speech as the worst-ever address by any US president.”It was all about him, it was not about the country,” told Ruben Gallego to BBC.

On the contrary, Trump supporters were exhilarated and pleased. Ryan Fournier, who is the leader of Students’ for Trump, tweeted proudly that:

“President Trump did an amazing job tonight. His message is uniting our great nation!”

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