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Trump policy: A threat to freedom, justice and peace

The foreign policy devised by Donald Trump took the word by storm. The chaotic trump policy was set to violate the human rights in all the countries across the globe. This has disrupted the peace throughout the world.

Many scholars and columnists have called the policy as “unwise inconsistency” as the approach as a lot of loopholes. At one occasion, Trump was heard emphasizing on the betterment of relations with Russia. Whereas, on the other hand, all the sensible positions were replaced by an opposite point.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy is a serious threat to human rights all around the world. Human Rights Watch has called his campaign a “vivid illustration of the politics of intolerance.”

Trump being selected as the US president have put the postwar human rights at risk. The campaign lofted such upholds that can easily violate human rights harming millions of people. The proposals contain plans to initiate colossal evictions of immigrants. Moreover, these clauses endanger human rights and justifies torture. Freedom of media is also retrenched.

Not only U.S. but all the world is soon to be engulfed by these infectious tidings. The rule of Trump could lead to tyranny as it appeals misogyny, racism, xenophobia and nativism.

Amnesty report has revealed 35 budding human rights violations in Trump’s immigration policies, let alone the whole proposition. The premise includes the envisioned border wall, the boycott on U.S. refugee colonization, laying-off of the Central American Minors program, the elevated power handed to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), deterrence of asylum-seekers, threats to separate families at the border and demonization of refugees as criminals. Trump’s immigration orders and 2017 and 2018 fiscal year budget game plans perfectly lay the footing for a flare-up of immigration incarceration and could affect 80,000 people in the said incident.

These clauses are a sure way of wreaking havoc in the world in the form of hate-based violence and harassment. Giving the U.S. military total authorization, Trump has enabled coalition airstrikes. These strikes are responsible for assassinations of shocking number of civilians, supporting torture and cutting U.S. funding.

The LGBTQ community, reproductive rights, free speech and the rights for indigenous people are also pared down.

“Whether it’s closing our borders, turning our backs on refugees, trying to ban Muslims from the U.S., or emboldening human rights abusers worldwide, President Trump seems intent on stoking the fires of conflict outside U.S. borders while closing the door to those fleeing violence,” Huang said.

In his first speech to Congress, his canonical order banning refugees and nationals from seven Muslim-majority countries, and a strike last month on a Syrian airbase. There are many, many other paradigms of normalization of Trump’s policies and elocution.

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Shahzaib Amin Malik

Mr. Malik is the Managing Editor of Global Legal Review and a lawyer by profession. He is known as a speaker and extra technical skills in the field of law. He has shown a different view to the legal world and brought a diversified change in legal profession through his analysis and research in different fields of law. He is currently working on few of the biggest legal projects in the world which will bring value in the legal field globally.