6 Things Avoid by a Good Lawyer

good lawyer
6 bad habits should avoid by good lawyer

To survive this competitive world, here are 6 essential things that every good lawyer should avoid in his/her career.

Disloyalty with the client

The lawyer is not a scavenger vulture to the client but an imperial eagle that will fight for the chicks. You have to tell the truth to the customer and know how to say it: it’s better to have a red than a red one. Also, if you do well written is sending a copy to the client. It does not matter that you do not understand forensic jargon, because what you will understand is that your lawyer is working on your case.

We must also curb the voracity of the customer and ask for what is reasonable. That much to ask for less, or to build the demand with noise and fury must be left for the cinematic demonstrations of power of King-Kong, beating his chest.

Wait to look at the shrews to get the customer

In a competitive world, it is necessary to specialize and to be disciplined to know the current law and the latest jurisprudence. Preparing the concrete case is very well, but it is better to forge a posse of general knowledge that provides that valuable tool that is the legal intuition.

good lawyer

There is crisis but it is not a good idea to float in the shipwreck in the middle of the ocean counting the hours. The familiar fable of flies comes to my mind: Once upon a time there were two flies that perched in the milk of a cauldron. One of them, the strongest, realized that their legs were sinking in the liquid and could not leave and was abandoned to their bad luck. The other, more tenacious, decided to move its wings and legs quickly until it formed a layer of cream that allowed a solid point of support from which by moving the wings could be able to fly. You should also read about the essential traits every lawyer should have.

Don’t know how to listen to the customer before speaking

When you receive the customer at point-blank range, you must keep in mind the advice given by John Wayne to young actors: Speak low, speak slowly and do not say too much.

good lawyer
Speak low, speak slowly and do not say too much

Telling the client that the lawsuit is won

The sentence will be rendered in approximate dates. They are variables that are difficult to control and any failed prognosis detracts credibility from the prophet. Good news comes when they arrive.


Everything is in the books. Everything can be studied and defended, but with effort and even in Churchill’s expression, with blood, sweat and tears. Cut and paste is fine, but it is better to read and study the case. New angles and perspectives are always discovered.

good lawyer

Inconsistency between procedural writings

In the contentious-administrative, an attentive work of collating between administrative request, claim or appeal, demand and brief of conclusions, is imposed to avoid the condemnation of “procedural deviation”.

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