Editorial Submission Guidelines

Working title and abstract

First, please submit an Abstract summarizing the content and intent of the article for consideration. The Abstract should contain up to 300 words and include the title of the article, author’s name and job title. We advise the authors to submit papers that have not been published or considered for publication elsewhere.

Format and article length

Full articles should be supplied in Microsoft Word format, with the length of each paper between 1000 to 2,500 words. Please divide your article into clearly defined sections and if necessary into subsections.


The main title of your paper must not exceed 60 characters – this includes letters, spaces and punctuation. If you choose to have a subtitle, it should not exceed 25 characters.


Any subheadings within the text must be clearly indicated.

Illustration guidelines

  • Photographs, charts, graphs, drawings and diagrams should be labeled so that they correspond with the reference to them within the text (e.g. Table-1, Figure-2, Diagram-3). Please supply a short description/caption for each illustration.
  • Computer-generated charts, diagrams and maps are acceptable, provided they are supplied with the required resolution.
  • Resolution of all submitted illustrations should be 300 dpi at actual print size.

Author(s) biography and photo

All papers must include up to 200-word biography of each author accompanied by a passport size photo.


The files should be clearly labeled for Expert Legal Review and sent either by email to: editor@globallegalreview.com

Note to Authors: Articles submitted by Government, Intergovernmental and not-for-profit organizations are published free of charge. Articles submitted by commercial and for-profit organizations are subject to admin and production fees.

For more details, Please contact us at editor@globallegalreview.com