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Charlottesville incident: Trump claimed that ‘Justice will be delivered’

Trump said: Justice will be delivered to victims of Charlottesville
Trump said: Justice will be delivered to victims of Charlottesville

The department of Justice has opened civil rights investigations into the deadly car attack that killed one innocent American and wounded nineteen others. To anyone who acted criminally in this weekend’s racist violence, you will be held accountable. Justice will be delivered

said Trump in his address in Virginia on Tuesday

President Trump condemned the racists for spreading ‘hatred, bigotry and violence’ but the fact that caught public attention was that he blamed both parties instead of calling out the white Supremacist in his previous responses.

On Saturday, Unite the Right march ended up in the violent attack on counter-protesters. A grey car drove through a group of counter-protesters and killed a 32 year old Heather Heyer and injured 19 others. Attorney General Jeff Sessions named it domestic terrorism later on. The man alleged in connection with the incident was from white supremacist rally.

President Trump remained unbiased in his prior response to the ‘horrific attack and violence’ that happened at Charlottesville, where white nationalists had a clash with counter-protesters in bloody fight over the removal of ‘Confederate monuments across South.’ Trump condemned both the sides, leftists and rightist for the incident despite having the clear evidence against a white supremacist who was responsible for killing the woman and injuring the other nineteen people.

Charlottesville Car Attack Victims Sue James Alex Fields
Charlottesville Car Attack Victims Sue James Alex Fields

Even though the incident wasn’t destructive in comparison to the injuries and killings caused by global incidents such as suicide attacks, weather hazards and other protests; but it has been important because it happened due to clash of ideologies. If ideological clash will continue, a great level of violence can take over US.

Here, raises the questions that with such an unbiased response, ‘Will President Trump truly stay committed to his words? Will legal action be taken by the US Court against white supremacists?’

Senator of republicans, John McCain, who has been a consistent critic of president Trump, tweeted:

“There is no moral equivalency between racists & Americans standing up to defy hate & bigotry”.

Moreover, Trump’s response faced huge criticism from Hollywood as well as from leftists. Even if both the parties were equally involved in creating violence, Trump should not have been unbiased in his remarks of condemnation.

To counter the criticism, Trump encouraged the court to seek out quickest path to the guilty verdict for Alex James Field, the 20 year old guy who was involved in the killing. Trump’s impromptu comments in the boisterous press conference at Trump Tower have made it difficult for anyone to seat a biased jury, said legal analysts.

“I think it becomes very relevant for defense lawyers to ask potential jurors whether they agree with what President Trump said. You can’t ignore it.” said Vikram Kapil who is president of Virginia Association of criminal defense lawyers in relevance to Trumps ordering his defense lawyers to file a case.

What turn the clash of ideologies will take in future depends a lot on the court’s trial now. Trump himself mentioned later that there’s none who doesn’t know about the culprit of violence and bigotry. Soon courts hearings will begin to further the case against Alex James Field.

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