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Good Dress, Bad Dress for a Lawyer

Lawyer's dressing

Every profession demands proper attire. A businessman is supposed to dress properly for, a doctor is expected to wear what really suits the personality and a model is appreciated more when dressed according to the fashion. Only then he/she will be known for the profession they are in. Bad dressing makes you bad at what you do. The perception in your client’s mind make them wonder if you are better at your job while being bad at dressing.

lawyer's fashion

Surely, you wouldn’t like that now, would you?

The field of law is no different. A good dress makes you a good lawyer. A well-dressed lawyer is a perfect display of sound perfection. Putting on a formal dress makes you feel empowered and changes the view you have of the world. It makes you feel “professional”. Having a polished attire will make your clients trust you and encourage people to use abstract processing more readily than concrete processing. Just as when a doctor wears a white coat, he/she is taken attentively and his point of view carries more weight. Had he/she worn a casual dress at work, the situation would be different. Similarly, a formal ensemble can be an easy tool to enhance your image. Your personality appears more persuasive. This is especially important in a courtroom. The judges take this point quite seriously.

female lawyer dressing

Everyone likes to be taken seriously. The more convincing you appear, the more extensive clientele you acquire.

In short, the guy who shows dedication to dress in the flawless way, gets to the top.

On the contrary, a bad dress will make a bad impression on your clients and people around you. No one will value your opinion. Courts have come down hard on attorneys who have failed to dress in jackets and ties.

female official dressing

It has often been said that first impressions are eternal. Be it inherent in human nature or merely a cultural phenomenon, we will all tend to judge initially ergo enduringly, by appearance. In this regard, attorneys are perhaps held to a higher standard than virtually any other group of professionals. A well-dressed attorney is immediately perceived as successful. In an arena where the ante is, at times, literally “life or death”, the potential penalty for failure is obvious. As perception often becomes reality, opinion based on appearance can serve as either a significant benefit or a substantial detriment in pursuit of a favorable legal deposition. Opposing counsel, the presiding judge, and most importantly, the jurors are all prone to be affected by presentation – well above and beyond “just the facts”.

If you aren’t there yet; the point of dressing up in a proper manner, it is time to put it up a notch and dress for success.


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Mr. Malik is the Managing Editor of Global Legal Review and a lawyer by profession. He is known as a speaker and extra technical skills in the field of law. He has shown a different view to the legal world and brought a diversified change in legal profession through his analysis and research in different fields of law. He is currently working on few of the biggest legal projects in the world which will bring value in the legal field globally.