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Interpol President Remarks at IW 2017

Interpol President Remarks at Interpol World 2017

Your Excellencies, the Ambassadors,
Members of the Executive Committee,
Secretary General of INTERPOL,
Chief of Police and Heads of INTERPOL National Central Bureaus,
Mr Jean Luc Vez, Head of Public Security Policy and Security Affairs, World Economic Forum
Representatives of international and regional organizations and institutions,
Partners, representatives of the security technologies industry and exhibitors,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning, it is an absolute pleasure for me to be in Singapore today to welcome all of you to this signature event of INTERPOL, the “INTERPOL World 2017”.

It is a tremendous honour to have Mr. Desmond LEE, the Minister to be present in today event. I would like to take this opportunity to express my greatest gratitude to the Singaporean government for the determination in safeguarding the world safety, as well as the unequivocal supports to the INTERPOL’s activities and the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation, which is based in Singapore.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now living in the world under the impacts from globalization, technology revolution and borderless cyber space. On one hand we enjoy the benefits such as automation, speedy transmission of information and enhanced communication on social media platform. But on the other hand we are facing the ever-evolving global threats of crimes and terrorism, which the criminals are exploiting the convenience, mobility and anonymity stemmed from advanced technology and cyber world.

In the future, the threats from illicit use of technology and cyber space will continue expanding. Criminals will continue to exploit the exponential growth of Internet and social communication platform to materialize their abhorrent intents. We will face new challenges that may be out of our imaginations in terms of scale, speed and influence. The recent ‘WannaCry’ saga well demonstrates to us the damage and despicableness of cybercrime.
We are all parts of the world who are facing the same threats in the international arena. As the stakeholders who are accountable to the international security, we are playing indispensable roles in our own professions as government officials, law enforcement officers, scholars, private sector operators and cyber service providers.
However, no single country or profession can rely solely upon its own capability to address the problem of transnational and organized crimes.

As the President of INTERPOL, I always believe international cooperation and stakeholder engagement is of paramount importance. INTERPOL shares that collaboration should not be limited to law enforcement agencies. Contributions from leaders and experts in different professions are equally crucial.

For example, in operating the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation, we adopt partnership approach to congregate global efforts to fight cyber and transnational crimes. We wish to stay one step ahead of criminals by enhancing the capabilities to all stakeholders to confront increasingly ingenious and sophisticated challenges.
More precisely, there are a number of areas we can work together.

Firstly, we have to enhance information sharing across the spectrums. Speedy and efficient communication is no doubt necessary to catch up with criminals. On top of traditional information exchange between law enforcement agencies, cross-spectrum information sharing is indispensable to counter the global threats.

For instance, experts of banks, financial institutions and security service providers can update law enforcement officers with the latest security system they are using, while the law enforcement officers in return can share the latest crime trend and modus operandi.

On the other hand, criminal intelligence analysis is equally vital and it is built on the speedy and effective information sharing. Only if we do it well we can take the preemptive against criminals.

Of course, we also need to raise the awareness of the general public and vulnerable sectors. What I want you to consider is to work with your strategic partners together in education programme, in order to far reach the messages to all walks of life.

Facing the challenge from cyber-enabled financial crime, capacity building at all levels and sectors are essential. We should advocate multi-agency approach in conducting training to achieve our purpose. Our staff and officers must be equipped with multifaceted knowledge and expertise in order for us to counter the complexity and ever-evolving crime trends.

This second edition of “INTERPOL World” is actually an exemplification of international cooperation across different spectrums. This event provides a meaningful platform for mutual exchange of ideas.

In the congress, leaders and experts can share your strategic views on a number of important issues, including risks and threats of cyber space, illegal trading on Internet, digital technology crime, stolen personal identity information, goods and vehicles. These are all topical issues we have to deal with in order to safeguard the international security.
As leaders from governments and private sectors, I understand it is a key priority for you to ensure the safety of the citizens, organizations and financial institutions. In the exhibition areas, you will find the world latest innovation and advanced technology which may be out of your thoughts.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe the “INTERPOL World 2017” can further strengthen the bonding between all the professions. Only with a multi-stakeholder approach we can stand firm to counter the global threats. I am confident that there will be more cooperation among all of us in diversified areas including information sharing, innovation, training and aware campaign.

Finally, I wish everyone has a meaningful and memorable experience in the coming days. I am sure “INTERPOL World 2017” will be an important milestone to unite and strengthen our networks.

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