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IP World Summit 2019

IP World Summit

Leonardo Royal Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherland

22-23 October 2019

International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) in collaboration with Legal IQ organized a two day Intellectual Property World Summit on 22-23 October 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherland.


The IP World Summit objective was to simplify IP approaches in order to respond to the changing global landscape and develop as well as implement multinational IP strategies to ensure proper planning. The two day summit also served as a platform to discuss a range of approaches to IP protection, strategy, and monetisation, including patents, brand protection, copyright, licensing and trademarks. The summit provided an opportunity to learn from global leaders.


The Summit was attended by almost 20 leading global industries ranging from technology, automobiles to pharmaceuticals. The main companies across the globe included Novo Nordisk, Ericson, Nokia, Vodafone, Philips, Toyota, Unilever, Bayer, TEVA and many more. 


The Summit involved eminent international and national speakers under one roof. It was joined by the Chief Intellectuals Property Officers, Heads of Patents, Heads of IP, IP Managers, and Patent Attorneys. Speakers included Ms. Danielle Lewensohn, Director of IPR Management, RaySearch Laboratories, Ms. Lauren A. Dienes-Middlen SVP, Assistant General Counsel – Intellectual Property, WWE, Mr. Dixon Soh, Head of Legal and Deputy Director (IP Strategy), IPOS International, Mr. Masato Endo, Project Manager, IP Strategic Division, Toyota Car Corporation, Mr. Roland Gissler, Senior Key Account Manager, Questel, Ms. Fiona Gao, Head of Business Development, PointerBP and couple of more.


The first day agenda was more focused on issues and challenges in the field. It mainly covered topics of brand protection, IP licensing, artificial intelligence and how to protect your IP through effective anti-counterfeiting strategies. However, the second day agenda underscored solutions to those issues raised/ discussed on the first day. The discussion circled around IP commercialization, Patent, best practices towards counterfeiters and cyber and learning from China in the back of recent trade war which affected their intellectual property landscape.


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Written by: Adeela Bahar Khan

Event Coverage: Shahzaib Amin Malik

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