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Lawsuit Filed against Trump’s Transgender Servicemen ‘Ban’

'We're Fighting For Simple, Basic, Human Rights
We're Fighting For Simple, Basic, Human Rights

The United States Government will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military.
President Donald Trump

On Wednesday, a lawsuit has been filed at federal court of Washington against President Donald Trump and other officials working under his administration by five anonymous transgender who are military servicemen. One of the complainants was service-members of US Coast Guard, one served in National Guard, two of them served in Army and another one was identified as someone who is dependent on military service for her livelihood.

The motivation behind lawsuit was President’s announcement via Twitter for delivering the message that transgender’s right to serve in military will be taken away as the allowance violated ‘Due Process and Equal Protection components of Fifth Amendment of Constitution of US.

Protesters gather against Trump ban on transgender troops
Protesters gather against Trump ban on transgender troops

GLBTQ Legal Advocates and Defenders (GLAD) along with National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR) are advocacy representatives of the five unnamed plaintiffs. Besides, these organizations the Defense Secretary James Mattis has been named as one of the defendant for the lawsuit.

The registered complaint notifies that proposed policy of banning transgender from military service by President Trump has been widely faced with criticism at military level. It denotes the fact by referring that “fifty-six former generals and admirals issued a public statement denouncing the new policy.” Furthermore, the complaint argues for its factuality by contending that White House charted out a plan to put an end to the serving transgender’s active service and to transmit it to the Department of Defense for practical implementation.

Donald Trump sued over ban on Transgender
Donald Trump sued over ban on Transgender

Mr. Minter from NCLR reported that some of the servicemen were serving military for 20 years and they fought valiantly in Afghan and Iraq wars. The implementation will end up in greater level of loss of transgender livelihood as well as post-military benefits. President’s mistreatment of transgender out of military services will massively affect armed forces, argues Mr. Minter.

Mr. Trump’s tweet portrays transgender negatively as if they are a burden upon the military forces in terms of their excessive medical costs and being reason of distraction of the military from ‘decisive and overwhelming victory’. Mr. Trump adds that decision has been made after detailed consultation with his Generals and other military experts.

Transgenders Protest Against Trump for their Rights
Transgenders Protest Against Trump for their Rights

According to estimates of independent Rand Corporation, 4,000 US active-duty as well as reserved servicemen are transgender. If other campaigners may be included, the number increases to be more than 10,000. Rand’s predictions reveal that 0.13% rise in health-care expenses is estimated if transgender are included in military in future.

President Trump did not consult the Joint chief of Staff before the decision. The mistreatment of transgender at massive scale will create greater amount of trouble for Trump via public revolts and opposition for his government.

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