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Trump to mediate talks on Qatar-Saudi row

Qatar-Saudi row
US President with Kuwaiti emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, in Washington.

On Thursday, Donald Trump offered to mediate on Gulf Tensions of Qatar-Saudi row. Mr. Trump claims to have devised a ‘quick-deal’ that can put an end to Gulf Crisis that continuing due to Saudi blockade on Qatar. He took credit for initiating the blockade previously when he accused Qatar to be sponsoring terrorist activities.

US President commented on Gulf Crisis during a news conference, on Thursday, with Kuwaiti emir, who is Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah, in Washington.

Trump commented that Kuwait has been helping the US in Gulf regime and everything is turning out nicely.

Trump said on Qatar-Saudi row that, If I can help mediate between Qatar and, in particular, the UAE
and Saudi Arabia, I would be willing to do so, and I think you would have a deal worked out very

The conference was a turning point for Saudi Arabia and they are hopeful for future. Kuwaiti Emir, Sheikh Sabah said that he is hopeful about the resolution of present Gulf crisis. “I am optimistic that the solution will come in the very near future,” he said, “The hope has not ended yet.”

Trump, during his last provocative address in Saudia months before, accused Qatar of funding terrorist groups and took credit for initiating the Saudia blockade against Qatar in his tweets.

Trumps Comments Beyond Gulf Tensions

Moreover, the conference touched upon heightening topic of Syria-Israel war to be expected soon. Trump showed his concern against Syrian authorities and government who can use chemical weapons as reports have revealed during Israeli jet airstrikes. The United States initiated air strikes, in April, at Syrian Air Base after the Syrian government allegedly opened sarin gas on eastern part of Syria that killed around 80 people.

Trump showed hope for reaching peace talks between two long-term rivals, Israel and Palestine. The peace settlement is important part of US diplomacy. He determinedly asserted that, “I think we have a chance of doing it.”

Previous US administrations failed to resolve the rift between Israel and Palestine but Trump was still hopeful that his government is going to make it this time. He said, “We are going to give it our best.”

Trump asserted that US has potential to work out the problem. However, Trump did not mention the visit of his son-in- law, Jared Kushner, during last month, comprising a US delegation to revive the peace progress.

Trump’s administration has a great responsibility to resolve and tackle the Middle Eastern dispute as they are significant for survival of US and its diplomacy. Trump, who initiated the blockade, has changed his stance to remove the obstructions between Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Saudi Arabia accuses Qatar of funding terrorists but Trump has taken the initiative to mediate the diplomatic relations between two countries. What’s the greatest matter of concern is that Trump changes his stance and moves quite frequently.

Moreover, peace-talks are an absolute necessity to be achieved between Israel and Palestine. Even though prior administrations have failed yet Trump has the ability to diplomatically resolve the matter and break the ice between the two rivals.

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