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Trump Uses London Attack to Support Travel Ban

london attacks
London Attacks

Recent incident of London attack, House of Parliament stimulated US President Donald Trump to impose ban on travel which he confesses in Saturday tweet series by Trump. Seven causalities occurred as a consequence of Saturday London Bridge attack when a van drive over the pedestrian crowds. Afterwards, three men terrified people and stabbed many in bars before police confronted them and shot them dead on the spot. Trump offered condolences to British PM Theresa May besides assuring that US support is with Britain against extremist terrorism. Theresa May in her recent statement release on Sunday deemed it a major terror attack that needs to be countered efficiently with revised strategies. UK suffered through chaos for the third time in just two months.

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Petition filed under Trump supervision appealed Supreme Court to lift ban that asked for suspension of visa issuance to travelers from Muslim majority states. Original travel ban had been opposed for long by lower courts and states. Counter-claims were filed by different states against the ban. In February, the executive order by president Trump faced rebellion of government employees and other individuals from private sector. For a Syrian seeking asylum, senior judge of federal court, Wisconsin, circulated a restraining order against ban on travel. Thirteen states advocated revised statement by court on travel ban stating that Trump imposed ban for national security reasons. The case is still yet to be decided.

Source: Reuters

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