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Brexit is at Stake


Brexit at Stake with Theresa May’ Connotes Lord O’Donell and UKIP Leader Statements

European Union’s top Brexit negotiator has talks on Britain’s quitting can only start when the UK is prepared.

Michel Barnier responded with shock to the general election results and said ‘Brexit negotiations shall begin as soon as UK is ready for it’. ‘EU position has been made clear and it’s time to put all the energies to strike a deal’, said Michel.

19 June is set date to begin negotiations. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Labour, said that negotiations are singular way out as Article 50 has been challenged. He further talked to Sky News that the government needs to conduct Brexit negotiations within 11 days time span. He added that Trade deal with Europe is significant for their ‘jobs-first’ motto.

Contrarily Gunter Oettinger, EU Commissioner is hopeless about negotiations over Britain quitting EU to start in 11 days. On German radio, he said, ‘Government needs to act or else weak negotiations will endanger any positive outcomes for both sides… It has created greater uncertainty’

Brexit at Stake Theresa May
Theresa May

The results of general election are described as new goals for UK by former Prime Minister of Belgium, Guy Verhofstadt. He, as a European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator wrote: ‘May after Cameron, will be making already complex and multifaceted negotiations far more complex’.

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister, agreed during the election campaign that she wants an agreement on starting talks on Brexit on 19 June. Last month she spoke to her party: ‘Every vote counts for me and my team and will strengthen my power during Brexit negotiations’

Predictions reveal that Tories wouldn’t be forming a majority in Parliament, so the Democratic Unionist Party, which is biggest political party for unionists in Northern Ireland, may demand leniet Brexit negotiation procedure to win the support in coalition.

DUP’s website crashed early in morning during the talks when it was in pole position to begin coalition talks.

BBC was told by Jeffrey Donaldson, who is DUP’s chief that DUP has an upper hand in the territory as the Conservatives are short of support of majority so they will be having more power to take charge of negotiations.

Brexit at Stake with Theresa May’ Connotes Lord O’Donell and UKIP Leader Statements

UKIP former leader, Nigel Farage insists that he will resign to frontline politics if Brexit got threatened besides criticizing Tories for picking their leader Mrs May. ‘A huge mistake has been committed by Tories to choose a remainer to lead the Brexit party at elections. The error is immense but if Corbyn coalition is formed, then Brexit is in trouble’ Nigel said to BBC.

Lord O’Donnell, the previous cabinet secretary, said that the general elections will pose trouble to Theresa May to confront Brexit negotiations. On BBC, he said: ‘Prime minister shall stay as PM for now’

O’Donnell predicts that negotiations are going to be non-existent as negotiations need two party talks. EU will ask who are we talking with? Will this prime minister going to stay around for long? What position does she has?

He added: ‘they’ll threaten UK by telling us: ‘the deal has ended and you are out’ which will pose terrible consequences for us.’


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