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How to Dress as a Lawyer: Legal Fashion Trends

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Lawyers Fashion

A lawyer should be three things; classy, sassy and hardworking. He/she must take fashion and style seriously. Some solicitors are dressed at their best whereas others are quite lousy at it. A great apparel sense is required by every profession. The field of law is no different.

Keep in mind, your reputation precedes you. If your dressing is way too sloppy, it can damage your reputation enough to affect your clientele.

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Your fashion sense is an imperative strategy to propagate your personal brand. Personal presentation is what really finalizes the deal in business development.

According to Business Insider, research shows that your appearance strongly influences other people’s perception of your financial success, authority, trustworthiness, intelligence, and suitability for hire or promotion. The way you present yourself will have a strong impact on a client’s willingness to share information with you, pay you a certain fee or hire you altogether.

Legal Fashion plays an important role in getting a YES out of a client.

The more impressed they are by how stylish you are, the more they will be to look forward to working with you.

Female Lawyer Style
Female lawyer stylish dressing

Take sighs of relief, as we have some tips for you that you can follow to dazzle in your workplace;

Choose your dress according to your day:

You should always select an outfit that aligns with the type of day ahead. Are you going to be running around a lot from meeting to meeting, or down to the courthouse? Or, are you spending your day at the office doing paperwork? Whether you’re picking a work bag or shoes for the day, selecting an outfit should be a strategic decision.

Have a signature style:

Your wardrobe should reflect our personality.

female Lawyer Style

Do you have high energy and a quirky personality? Show that with pops of color.

If you are more reserved, then muted tones might work best. Personality is where you find your true style.

Think of your wardrobe as supporting your personal brand. In the case of the solo attorney, your brand is representative of your services. The way you present yourself indicates your brand’s promise to deliver a quality experience.

Make an effort to be distinct. Your brand and style should promise quality, but it should also set you apart from your competition. Plus it’s easy to do, and can be something as simple as consistently adding an accessory, like scarves, colorful socks, pocket squares or hats. Adding a small touch that glams up your outfits in a subtle, but identifiable way shows off your personality without jeopardizing your professionalism.

Lawyer dressing

Wear what fits you the best:

Although there are certain pieces of attire that are often viewed as staples in a professional wardrobe, it’s important to you wear items that make you feel good.

Confidence will always be your best fashion accessory in law and what makes you feel confident will vary. Do you feel more comfortable with a suit that has a slimmer fit? Would you rather wear a dress and a blazer than a feminine pant suit? Pick what you like to wear in addition to what you are expected to wear.

However, make sure what you choose to wear also fits. Many attorneys make the mistake of selecting clothing that is appropriate and professional, but simply doesn’t fit them properly. Wearing something too tight or too big can also damage your image.

Dress according to the practice area:

Law Fashion
Gabriel Macht in SUITS

The law is a profession where credibility and competence are of critical importance. Dressing appropriately is essential to getting your clients and peers to view you as such.

It’s important to create your lawyer fashion and style based on your client. For example, Ms. Louis says she always wears makeup and a suit because it’s perceived as more professional and her high-paying divorce clients expect her to look a certain way.

Do not doubt that your clients will make assumptions about you based on your appearance. “I worked for the government for many years as a prosecutor and it didn’t matter what you wore,” Ms. Goldstein said. “But when you’re in private practice you’re selling yourself and selling your image. Consistently some of my clients will say ‘we hired you because of your shoes.’”

Don’t exceed your budget:

Just because you may not have a huge clothing allowance doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. You can still dress like a lawyer on a budget. Never compromise on the quality. You can still acquire good quality.

Always pay heed to your apparel as it defines you and your personality. The way you dress defines your style and determination to your work.

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