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Girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter after reaching Los Angeles

Las Vegas shooting
Las Vegas shooter killed 59 and injured more than 500 people

The girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, Marilou Danley, said to her attorney that she saw no clue prior to the incident of whether he was devising ‘something horrible’ and she felt ‘devastated’ to know the huge number of deaths and injuries caused by his unceasing fire on concertgoers.

On 4th October, 2017, Paddock’s girlfriend issued the statement via her attorney, Matt Lombard: “It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone.

Danley said that Paddock “never said anything to me, or took any action that I was aware of, that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”

Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock
File photo of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock


Lombard told that Danley is completely cooperating for the investigations into why her boyfriend, Paddock, opened fire for about 11 minutes interminably from his 32nd floor hotel’s window on the crowd of 22,000 gathered for music concert. Around 58 people died and over 500 got injured before police arrived and Paddock killed himself.

Paddock was retired accountant who was reportedly a quiet person, according to Danley and her sisters.

“I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man,” Danley said, “I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him.”

Girlfriend of Stephen Paddock, Marilou Danley
Girlfriend of Stephen Paddock, Marilou Danley

Danley further revealed that two weeks back Paddock bought her ticket to Philippines so she could visit her family. After few days, he sent her money to buy her family a house, she added. Danley was worried of whether Paddock planned to break up with her.

A law-enforcement agency of US confirmed that Paddock recently wired $100,000 to Philippines.

Danley arrived to U.S. Los Angeles intentionally after the mass massacre on 1st October, 2017 Sunday, because she knew that investigators were searching her out to know the reasons. She arrived on Tuesday in Los Angeles and then talked to FBI and Las Vegas police on Wednesday, told Lombard.

Danley’s sisters told Seven News that Paddock made Danley leave U.S. last month intentionally so that he could act upon his hidden motives and plans without interference: “She was sent away. She was sent away so that she will be not there to interfere with what he’s planning.”

Danley was “really in love with Steve” and I am thankful to him “for sparing my sister’s life,” one of the Danley’s sister said.

The sisters asked Seven News to keep their identities hidden and anonymous. Moreover, they insisted upon the innocence of Danley who had no clue of such horrible plans of Stephen Paddock ahead of the incident or else she would have interfered in the matter.

“If Marilou was there, this, maybe, as well, didn’t happen because she won’t let it happen.”

“She didn’t even know that she was going to the Philippines, until Steve said, ‘Marilou, I found you a cheap ticket to the Philippines.’ ”

Still the sisters of Danley said that Danley might be able to provide helpful information to investigators:

“Of all the people that they have interviewed, … no one can put the puzzles together — no one — except Marilou, because Steve is not here to talk anymore. Only Marilou can maybe help,”

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