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Guantanamo Detainees sue Investigation Techniques

Guantanamo Detainees sue Investigation techniques designers, Mitchell and Jessen

Lawsuit has been filed by Abu Zubaydah’s attorneys for Guantanamo detainees against James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen, the psychologists who generated severe investigation techniques employed by CIA, which include water-boarding as well as sleep deprivation technique. Reprieve, which is human rights UK group, announced it on Wednesday where the attorneys are taking steps to subpoena those psychologists to reveal evidence against American-led torment that supposedly was held in Poland. US law permits court of federal district to order unearthing of testimonials and documents that can be employed in foreign proceedings from anyone who resides in the court district. The hearing of case will be followed up in District Court of US for Washington’s Eastern District.

In years 2002 to 2003, plaintiff got detained by the CIA into some Polish secret prison on invalid suspicions that he worked as facilitator for Al-Qaeda. Abu Zubaydah has been imprisoned at Guantanamo since the year 2006 at Guatanamo Bay. Recently, in 2016, federal judge ordered to file another lawsuit in opposition to the two psychologists but with different plaintiffs to proceed the case.

Guantanamo prison
Guantanamo prisoner being transported

The controversial issue of Guantanamo creates hype because of the allegations of torment and lack of lawful rights for detainees. In January, Gauntanamo prisoner was declined of release or bail from prison by federal judge and he overlooked the matter. Later in November, Barack Obama, then-president of US, blamed law-enforcing agencies for their failure to close the case of Guantanamo Bay based on Congressional restrictions.  In August, federal judge appealed in court to throw out the former Guantanamo prisoner held on the basis of torture claim.

The psychologists, Mitchell and Jessen were running a company based in Spokane that used to receive $81 million amount from CIA to build up methods to haul out information regarding waterboarding and sleep deprivation. Barack Obama, then-president, at first, terminated their contract with the CIA in 2009. In 2014, a U.S. Senate investigation discovered that Mitchell and Jessen’s techniques were producing no practical intelligence relative to war on terror.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) forwarded a lawsuit in opposition to the psychologists back in 2015 in the name of Suleiman Abdullah and Mohamed Ahmed Ben Soud who passed away in custody after suffering from torture of investigation techniques developed by psychologists. The men challenged in the court that they were tortured with the techniques designed by Mitchell and Jessen.

Illegally held Guatanamo detainees case compared to the evidenced-based case of the two psychologists, Jessen and Mitchell, reveal contrary decisions of court on both the matters. Guatanamo case has been extended for long and now torturous technique crafters will have hearing in early September.

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