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Khaled Sharrouf threatening Australian citizens

Khaled Sharrouf
Khaled Sharrouf

Another video has been going around viewing the youngest son of Australian Islamic state Khaled Sharrouf, wearing suicide vest, who is threatening to kill Australian citizens.

The Australian cabinet minister Matt Canavan describes the video and treatment of the boy as a form of child abuse. He points out “It is reprehensible, has to be condemned and I trust the proper authorities will look into this matter,” he told Sky News recently.

The video is said to be leaked recently, according to News Corp Australia. It shows the eight year old being asked questions as “how do you kill an Australian?” by his father.

A police spokesman said the New South Wales joint counter-terrorist team was investigating the video. They concluded that “there is no specific threat” and Australia’s terrorism threat level stays at “probable”, he said.

Canavan expressed sympathy for the eight year old boy “It’s not his fault that his father is an evil megalomaniac seeking to abuse his own children.” as it is not the first time that Sharrouf used his children in a non-approvable way.

In reports of 2015, it is said that Sharrouf has died in Mosul in a drone strike. Because these reports weren’t confirmed, the arrest warrant stays active.

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