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U.S. reaffirms to pay THAAD costs


U.S. reaffirms it will pay THAAD costs, according to South Korea. The costs of deploying the THAAD anti-missile system are expected to be handled by Washington, South Korea states right after a few days U.S. president Trump said in an interview with Reuters that Seoul is the appointed one to pay for the one billion system designed to defend against nuclear-armed North Korea. This to the unpleasant surprise of South Korea which lead to questioning Trump’s commitment to the two countries’ alliance.

The White House’s national security advisor  H.R. McMaster reaffirmed with South Korea that the U.S. alliance with Seoul is their top priority in the Asia-pacific region. He explained that the statements in the interview with President Trump were structured generally for the U.S. public expectations. South Korea’s Blue House words clarify the above mentioned: “National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster explained that the recent statements by President Trump were made in a general context, in line with the U.S. public expectations on defence cost burden-sharing with allies”. The Blue House said to clear up the sky.

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