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North Korean Crisis: Military Drills Conducted By US Bombers and South Korea

military drills
US in collaboration with South Korea has been conducting military drills

US in collaboration with South Korea has been conducting military drills and flying two of their strategic bombers across the Korean peninsula.

South Korea’s fighter jets ‘F-15K’ were jointly employed with ‘B-1B’ combat bombers to carry out missile’s air-to- ground drills over the South Korea’s seas.

North Korea’s persistence on continuing its nuclear programme lead to this collaboration of US and South Korea to counter the threats they may have to face in future.

Recently, North Korea conducted the 6th nuclear test and it launched 2 missiles over Japan. On the night of Tuesday, 10th October, 2017, US bombers took off from US Pacific regime of Guam to enter South Korea’s airspace and conduct firing drills over Eastern Sea and Yellow Sea, reported South Korean military.

The training has been a part of ‘extended deterrence’ programme against North Korea.

Moreover, US reports that the air force of Japan participated in the drill as well. On Tuesday night, Donald Trump decided in coordination with top officials of his national security council to brief them ways of responding to North Korean threats, said the White House.

In recent weeks, Trump exchanged heated arguments with Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader.

In September during UN meeting Mr. Trump openly warned North Korea to look out for its moves and accused Mr. Kim of being on ‘a suicide mission’. Mr. Kim responded to his comment by vowing to”tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire”. Mr. Kim insulted him by calling as ‘‘Dotard’ Trump? The story of ‘rocket man’.’

Today, on 11th October, 2017, South Korea’s lawmaker revealed that hackers from North Korea have stolen huge amount of cache data from military documents of the country that included a plan of assassination of Kim Jong-un, as well as the contingency plans of wartimes developed by US and South Korea.

However, defense minister of South Korea refused to comment over the accusation and North Korea entirely denied the false claim.

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