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5 things for a Stylish Lawyer

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So, you finally made it and became a lawyer. Your dreams are finally coming true. Now all you need is an appropriate wardrobe. Not to worry, we got you covered. The following five things will bring you up to date on legal fashion as Stylish Lawyer in no time.

Things to Make You Super Stylish

Fortunately, in this day and age, there is more leeway when it comes to legal fashion, so you have a variety to choose from.

  1. Power Suitsmale lawyer

I guess you expected this one. Yes, the classic power suit is still in fashion and will probably be in for years to come. This comes in handy when going to court, meeting clients and even going for interviews.

For men, this will instantly make you look dapper and command respect. It’s the safest pick especially when you are starting your career and want to prove yourself. Men’s suits should be in charcoal black, dark grey or navy blue. Avoid bright colored suits like the plague.

For women, you can either go with the skirt suit or pants suit. To this day, some firms still prefer skirt suits because they give you a more feminine feel so you should research on the preferences on where you work.

For skirt suits, they should be at knee length or just above the knee.  We recommend that you stick to dark colors until you have grown in your career. 

  1. Dresses, Skirts, and Blazersfemale lawyer

Women are not confined to suits alone. You can mix things up a little. Wearing a formal dress with a blazer always works. Be careful not to wear prints and flowers on your dresses. Remember the aim is to gain a client’s trust not to show your love of flowers.

Just like skirts, dresses should be knee length or just above the knee. Lean towards darker colors like black, dark grey and navy blue when you are new to a firm. As people get to know you for your work, you will have freedom to branch out.

Remember in law, first impressions always count.

  1. Classy Shoes

 This is a must have for both menmen shoe and women. Everyone knows that inappropriate shoes can destroy an outfit.

For men, black and saddle brown leather shoes work best. If you want to be a little adventurous, you can go for the ones with some stitching. You should, however, make sure they are always shined to perfection. Avoid shoes that are too pointy.

For women, heels are still preferred due to what they do for your stature. They give an aura of power and make you sandallook taller especially when standing with male counterparts. The heels should however not be higher than 3 inches.

Towering 6 inch heels really do nothing for you. Leave them for date night. As in most of the office dressing, younger women are encouraged to stick to dark colored shoes while older, more accomplished women are allowed to be more adventurous.

If walking in heels is like torture to you, worry not, flat shoes are allowed. Always favor practicality over glamour but strive to combine both.

  1. Neat Hair

For women, both long hair and short hair is allowed but keep it as neat as possible. Classic hairstyles like the bun or the low ponytail are highly recommended for long hair. Short hair can hang loose as long as it is well kempt.

For men, your hair should always be short and well kempt and facial hair should always be clean shaven to be safe. No need to lose clients over a little facial hair, right?

Crazy colored hair is frowned upon for both men and women. So please, stay away from neon colors.  Keep to your natural hair color.

  1. Accessories

Always make sure you have some classy accessories to add on to your outfit especially during interviews. Studies show that employers are more inclined to give you a job if they deem you successful. Accessories will do this for you.

For women, invest in a classy handbag or jewelry like a pearl necklace. Don’t overdo it though. Jewelry should be minimal and so should make up. If you go with red lipstick, make the rest of your makeup subtle.

For men, invest in a good briefcase and watch. A man’s watch says a lot about them so choose wisely. Gold and silver are common choices. Other accessories include ties, tie clips and cufflinks.

When wearing a suit, a tie is a must have, so, invest wisely. Acceptable materials for ties include silk and satin, with satin being the most formal. Additionally, when wearing your accessories, remember always to match metal with metal.

For instance, if your belt buckle is silver, your watch and tie clip should be made of the same. Above all, always remember always to keep them clean to give you a finished look.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, legal fashion is not rocket science.  As long as you invest in classic pieces and keep them clean and neat, you can never go wrong. More importantly, take care of yourself and carry yourself with confidence.

At the end of the day, you wear the clothes; the clothes don’t wear you