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Freelance Lawyers? What’s The Concept?

freelance lawyers

So maybe you have been a law practitioner for a while or might just be fresh from law school and would like to soak your hands in some form of experience outside the usual legal practice. Maybe you have just brushed over an article on the internet talking about how the next revolution in the labor market will be pivoted around the web. ‘How do I become part of such an enormous wave?’ might not be an unfamiliar thought in your head. Today we shall be diving deep into the world of freelance. More specifically, freelance lawyers. That’s right, it exists. Let me indulge you.

The Concept of Being a Freelance Lawyer

Let’s get right into the gist of it all.

What is a freelance lawyer?

This is a lawyer who is hired by another lawyer to work on a particular component of a case. This gives you flexible hours so you can take on several projects at a time. Sounds good right?

Why would you want to dive into freelancing?

It has become quite common for lawyers to freelance for extra pay on top of their full-time jobs. However, in this day and age, you can take up freelancing as a full-time gig.

This is because you can take on as many projects as you want to maximize your profit. You are also able to work across jurisdictions all from the comfort of your home.

Apart from the obvious flexibility, the most popular motivator of going freelance is the variety and quality of work. Other motivating factors include networking and the ability to build relationships with a broader mix of clients and an opportunity to learn new skills.

Freelancing gives you an opportunity to grow that you may not get as a contract attorney.


Are there any hurdles?

Unfortunately, it is not all smooth sailing. Freelancing is not for the faint-hearted. Several lawyers have talked about difficulties experienced in the freelancing world.

The biggest hurdle is financial uncertainty due to uncertain frequency of work. Needless to say, you need to have some money stocked away for when times get tough. If you already have money problems, get them fixed before taking the freelancing route.

If your primary focus is making fast money, this course is not recommended for you. It takes time before you make big profits.

Is freelancing for you?

So how will you know this is for you? This is, after all, the proverbial route less followed. If the following are true about you, then you will thrive in this business.

  • You love being independent; If you find being employed stressful and have always wanted to work under your terms, this is a route you would enjoy. Let’s be honest; not everyone was meant to be employed.
  • You have a high tolerance for uncertainty; to be self-employed, you have to make peace with the fact that there are high seasons and low seasons. You have to be equipped to deal with that.
  • You are self-motivated; No one is going to force you to do anything, so you need to be disciplined. As much as the client will give you deadlines, it is up to you to deliver. This can be particularly challenging for people who find it hard to be motivated while away from formal places of employment.
  • You have an enterprising nature; you need to know how to spot and grow opportunities and be willing to put in the extra effort to grow your business. You have to be ready to search for work aggressively, or things will get quite difficult for you
  • You have business management know-how; since it is a business venture, you will need to know how to manage and grow it, or it will crumble.

Parting shot

In conclusion, being a freelance lawyer, despite its difficulties have paid off big time for some lawyers and it may just pay off for you. Just ensure that you research on what is required of you before diving into this new venture.

Give it a shot; it may just be what you are looking for.